Working with Dates and Times

Working with dates and times in expressions

Dates and times can cause some additional mental gymnastics at times due to timezones, offsets, varying days and weeks within months, and more. While we can't solve the problem of how we measure and track time, there are a few ways to extract and manipulate date and time related data.

This page has a few tips and tricks to help with some of the common items that arise when using expressions to manipulate temporal data in PlaidCloud

Extracting the week from a date

This will extract the week in the MON-DD format:

    func.date_trunc('week', ((table.Date) - 6)),

The example above assumes you have a date field in your data called Date. In this example, we are subtracting six days from that date but that may not be necessary in your specific use case. It is shown here to help if you do need to add or subtract days.

This uses the to_char and the date_trunc methods.

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