Viewing Workflows

Create and Manage your own Workflows

Workflows exist within a Project. From the top menu in the Analyze menu click on the Projects menu item. This will open the Projects hierarchy showing the list of projects. Open the project and navigate to the Workflows tab to see the workflows in the project. Workflows are organized in a hierarchy.

The list of projects you can see is determined by your access security for each project and your Viewing Role within the project (i.e. Architect, Manager, or Explorer). If you are expecting to see a project and it is not present, it could be that you have not been granted access to the project by one of the project owners. If you are expecting to see certain workflows, but you are not an Architect on the project, then they might be hidden from your viewing role.

The status of the workflow will be displayed if it is running, has a warning or error, or was completed normally. The creation and update dates are also shown along with who created or updated the workflow.

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