Document Steps

Compress PDF

Applies a PDF compression process to shrink the PDF size

Concatenate Files

Concatenates two or more documents together

Convert Image to PDF

Converts an image to a PDF document

Convert PDF or Image to JPEG

Converts a PDF or other image format to JPEG image

Crop Image to Headshot

Automatic headshot cropping of an image

Fix File Extension

Determines the proper file extension and renames the file

Merge Multiple PDFs

Merges multiple PDFs into a single PDF document

Rename Document Directory

Rename an existing directory in PlaidCloud Document

Rename Document File

Rename an existing file in PlaidCloud Document

Create Document Directory

Use PlaidCloud Document to create a new Document Directory

Convert Document Encoding to UTF-16

Updates file encoding and converts all characters to UTF-16

Convert Document Encoding to UTF-8

Updates file encoding and converts all characters to UTF-8

Delete Document Directory

Delete an existing directory from within PlaidCloud Document

Delete Document File

Delete an existing file from within PlaidCloud Document

Convert Document Encoding

Concatenates files to form a single file.

Convert Document Encoding to ASCII

Updates file encoding and converts all characters to ASCII

Copy Document Directory

Copy entire directory in PlaidCloud Document

Copy Document File

Copy a single file within PlaidCloud Document.

Document Text Substitution

Perform text substitution within a specified file

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