Managing Data Editors

Create and Edit table data though user interaction

PlaidCloud offers the ability to organize and manage data editors, including labels. Data Editors allow editing table data or creating data by user interaction.

PlaidCloud uses a path-based system to organize data editors, like you would use to navigate a series of folders, allowing for a more flexible and logical organization (control hierarchy) of the data editors. Using this system, data editors can move within a control hierarchy. Multiple references to one data editor from different locations in the control hierarchy (alternate hierarchies) can be created. The ability to manage data editors using this method allows the structure to reflect operational needs, reporting, and control.


To search for data editors:

  1. Use the filter box in the lower left of the control hierarchy

The search filter will search data editors’ names and labels for matches and show the results in the control hierarchy above.


To move a data editor within the control hierarchy:

  1. Drag it into the folder where you wish to place it


To rename a data editor:

  1. Right click on the data editor
  2. Select the rename option
  3. Type in the new name and save it

The data editor will now be renamed but retain its original unique identifier.


You can delete a single data editor or multiple data editors.

To delete a data editor:

  1. Select the data editors in the control hierarchy
  2. Click the delete button on the top toolbar

Create New Directory Structure

To add a new folder to the control hierarchy:

  1. Click the New Folder button on the toolbar

To add a folder to an existing folder:

  1. Right-click on the folder
  2. Select New Folder

Mark Hierarchy for Viewing Roles

The viewing of data editors by various roles:

  1. Click in the Explorer or Manager checkboxes

To update multiple data editors:

  1. Select the data editors in the control hierarchy
  2. Select the desired viewing role from the Actions menu on the top toolbar

Memos to Describe Table Contents

To add a memo to a data editor:

  1. Select the data editor
  2. Update the memo in the right context form

View Additional Hierarchy Attributes

To view and edit additional data editor attributes:

  1. Select the data editor and view the data editor context form on the right

Duplicate a Data Editor

To duplicate a data editor:

  1. Select the data editor
  2. Click on the Duplicate button on the top toolbar
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