Here you will find documentation on using the core aspects of PlaidCloud including data management (Analyze), data visualization (Dashboards), and document management, as well as the expression library.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Manage the permissions for accessing PlaidCloud

Jupyter and Command Line Interfaces

Allow access to PlaidCloud directly via Jupyter Notebooks, command line interfaces, and API access through OAuth Tokens.


PlaidLink provides indirect access to client systems and processes that are protected by firewalls or behind other restrictions that make direct connections from within PlaidCloud difficult. By using a PlaidLink Agent installed within the isolated area, PlaidCloud can request the agent perform actions like running queries, downloading or uploading files, checking sensor conditions, interacting with SAP, and much more.


The PlaidCloud Office Add-in (PlaidXL) allows for focused analysis interactions directly in Microsoft Excel. PlaidXL enables direct interaction with Workspaces, Projects, Workflows, Tables, Views, and Variables in PlaidCloud. Its ability to provide a set of PlaidCloud functions aids in managing data analysis processes directly from Microsoft Excel.

Partner Information

Documentation and policies for PlaidCloud partners

Markdown Example Page

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